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10 Essential Items Every Women Should Own

January 3, 2010

“Accept responsibility for how you present yourself to the world. It’s the semiotics of clothes:  The clothes we wear send a message to the world about how we want to be perceived. So accept responsibility for that.” says Tim Gunn author of  two of my favorite books; A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style.  Of course most of you know him from the successful television series Project Runway.

Working as a Stylist for over 20 years, I always get the question.   What should I buy?  I have heard every excuse in the book for why women are not fashionable.  And I will not bore you here with the excuses women have for poor fashion habits.  This New Year, if there is one thing I can encourage you to due as your Chico Stylist, it is to shop your closet.  Make sure you have the list of 10 essentials that make every women have taste and style.

There are 10 essential items every woman should own:

1. Blazer
2. White Shirt
3. Classic dress pants
4. Trench Coat
5. Jeans
6. Cashmere sweater
7. Skirt
8. Day dress
9. Basic Black Dress
10. Attractive activewear type sweatsuit

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