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Women Ride Harley’s With Grey Hair

March 31, 2010

STRENGTH by ahava featuring Dolce Vita shoes is a fun website where you can play, shop, and create. Chico Stylist started a group called: Cougar Women.  A group is fun on Polyvore as it is another way of expressing your talents, sharing, and interacting with other women from all over the world. Many groups have contests as well, down the road we will also.  Join us and share some of  your  beautiful real women influence with the rest of the fashion world.   Generally speaking, most of the women on Polyvore are young.  Chico Stylist choose the word; “Cougar” to attract fun spirited, go get em, energetic women.  Believe me, working with Women all day I know many women do not like this word.  So it is not intended to offend anyone.  I find designing on Polyvore to be a calming, creative, and a fun past time.  However, I must warn you…you may end up doing a little shopping.

This was designed by one of the Members, Ahav who said; I hope my hair is this beautiful (and I can ride a Harley) when I’m 80…

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