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A Beautiful Woman In Blue And A Little Night Music

April 7, 2010

Chico Stylist loves the sophisticated look of Catherine Zeta Jones as she strolls down the streets of New York City, yesterday.  With New York Cities temperatures reaching high into the Seventies and Actress Catherine Zeta Jones looking, “oh so fashionable” in her draped styled blue dress,  black clutch handbag, and over sized dark sunglasses. It is no surprise, to any Stylist, that Ms. Jones caught the attention of  Hollywood’s celebrity tabloids.

The Academy Award winner Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Desiree Armfeldt,  along with her cast mates five-time Tony Award winner Angela Lansbury (Madame Armfeldt), and Alexander Hanson (Fredrik Egerman) in the Broadways hit musical, A Little Night Music.  Her posture displays a woman of style, class, beauty, and business. It turns out Catherine was on her way to sign autographed copies along with her cast mates of, A Little Night Music of their newly  release of a disc set from Nonesuch Records and PS Classics.

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