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Start Planning Your Girls Get Away

April 13, 2010

Start planning your girls get away, to Sex and the City 2 the follow-up to the wildly successful feature film from 2008, which pulled in more than $415 million worldwide.  The film was inspired by the popular, award-winning HBO series that’s based on the writings of Candace Bushnell and Produced by Michael Patrick King.  The upcoming sequel is set two years after we last saw Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) apparently happily married to husband Mr. Big (Chris North) and her friends.  The new film brings the girls out of their beloved New York on a trip of Morocco.  Why Carrie decides to abandon him for a girlie trip to Marrakech with Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristen Davies) and Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) is the suspense the trailer amidst tabloid and industry rumours leave us wanting.

It is rumoured the only single member of the group, Samantha will come into contact with ex live-in lover Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis) again in the sequel.   Samantha, who is now over  50, refuses to acknowledge she’s past her twenties.  At brunch: Charlotte says,  “How are you gonna swallow all those?” Samantha response “Have we met?”  Patricia Fields always brings out the best of fashion trends to the fore front of fashion.  For her work on Sex and the City, Field’s was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, with one win, and nominated for 6 Costume Designers Guild Awards, with 4 wins.  Fashionista world-wide can hardly wait to see Sex And The City 2 fashions.

I  don’t know about you, but this film inspires my girlfriends and I.  It reminds us to have fun, keep girlfriend in your life even when you are in a marriage, a live in relation, or a Mother with kids.  A girl always needs to be fabulous and have great Shoes! We can’t wait for May 27th!  And just a little Chico Stylist tip…keep an eye out for all things Moroccan inspired in entertaining, home, and fashion trends.

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