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Twittering – Isn’t That What Birds Do In The Trees?

April 23, 2010

This week CBS Anchor Katie Couric interviewed Twitter co-founder Biz Stone for her Web show @KatieCouric .  Stone was fresh from the Chirp conference and Couric was perched comfortably in her directors chair with her reading glasses and iphone.  Katie asked, Biz some twittered questions from viewers, and admitted to being a  Twitter neophyte.  She claimed she has never felt completely comfortable in the medium and offered all of us a bit of her own Twittering advice;  “I can tell you it’s not a good idea to Tweet after a few glasses of wine.”

Stone also offered his take on the ongoing “tweeted” vs. “twittered” debate.  Stone stated, “People just really fell in love [with] “tweeting:” “I tweeted that, did you see my tweet.” And so, I think I’m going now have to relinquish style control here to the people who have spoken and go ahead and say, it’s tweeted.”  Which sent a flutter of tweets around the world, re-tweeting his words.

Couric at 53 has never looked better. She attributes her young looks to  exercise, being a Mom to two teen daughters, and heredity.  Chico Stylist suspects all this plus Katie Couric young fun attitude,  attracted her relationship with her entrepreneur boyfriend Brooks Perlin who is 17 years younger.  Mind you however it is said, Katie doesn’t like the term “cougar.”

At the 140 Character Conference, Chico Stylist attended in New York City another  beautiful 53-year-old Journalist and News Anchor, Ann Curry stated  “There is a core goodness in people who are twitters.”  @ChicoStylist would love to know…what is your passion?  What do you like to Twitter about.

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