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Chico Stylist Invites You

April 27, 2010

I was so excited when I received  an Invitation,  in the mail today.  It said, “Your Invited for A Memorial Day Weekend at our Summer Home in the Hampton’s.”  Immediately I was planning my wardrobe in my head and thinking how fortunate I was to be invited!   But then suddenly I  realized, I was a not in the shape I wanted to be.  With all the rain and traveling, I had not been living up to my promised exercise regimen.  Suddenly, I had that same stomaches pang and dreaded feeling I have felt since I was a teenager, of the anticipated bathing suit season.

So who wants to join me? We have four (4) weeks until Memorial Day weekend.   Which marks the unofficial start of the summer travel season and bathing suit season.  We start today!   Eating less, walking, exercising, and sharing our motivation.   I often work late so I am making  a hard and fast rule; no eating within two hours of bedtime.   We will lower our stress, gain endurance, help our mood, and improve our health.  Who’s onboard?  Twitter me at @ChicoStylist or comment here.  We can do it!

Photo Credit:  1956 Grace Kelly Film Noir

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