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An Aspirational Mother

May 3, 2010

Mothers Day is this Sunday, and Chico Stylist is here to remind you that there are plenty of Hot Mom’s out there. Often I have woman say to me, “I’m a Mom.”  Typically it is her way of making an excuse for not having nice clothes or being dressed well at the moment. Being a Mother is not an excuse, it is a reason to be more put together, a mentor to your daughters, and beautiful for you.   Actress Demi Moore gets better looking every year, she has four attractive daughters to keep up with, and her younger Actor husband Ashton.  Demi has been named one of Hollywood’s hottest Mothers and is often described by the media label of, older women and or cougar.   Her focus is her family, not media attention.  She is as also role Model for many as a women and Mother who knows how to have it all; a career, a cause, four children, a great figure, and a younger husband. Ironically Demi Moore returns to the cinema screens in The Joneses as an aspirational mother who has the dream family.

Chico Stylist would love to hear your aspirational Mother stories.  Do you know a role Model Mom?

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