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I Am Throwing Rocks On This One

June 1, 2010

This month More Magazine ( features Sharon Stone on the Cover, with an article “Get Sharon Stone’s Body.”   The article states that Stone does Extreme Sports Pilates.  It is no secret that Sharon Stone is in her Fifties, the article goes on to say,  “like a lot of women, Ms. Stone has limitations in her neck and upper body.”  Her trainer goes on to tell us that, Sharon is a determined strong woman and she definitely wants to work out, as hard as she can.  Okay so Ms. Stone works out hard, all of us have friends forty plus who work out plenty hard!  Above, is the photo of Sharon Stone that graces the cover, of More Magazine.  It simply cries out to Chico Stylist,  “dress me I am a paper doll or dress this plastic doll!”

In the article Ms. Stone who is 52 states, “I’m like a Prohibition-era flapper. I’m like a juke-joint hussy.” She goes further to say, “Shamelessness is closer to godliness. You have to put shame down.”   Referring to her reputation after her Paris Match, topless photo shoot, and her role as the shamelessly sexual villain in Basic Instincts.  Recently she did a guest celebrity role on  “Law & Order, SUV.” Sharon Stone goes on to discuss her divorce, her mishaps with plastic surgery, and younger men pursuing her regularly.   We are told it has been six years since Sharon’s  divorced from Phil Bronstein.   Many,  must remember Sharon Stone on the cover of  tabloids with her two newly adopted sons after her divorce.  Ms. Stone is the Mother to three young children, and little can be found on her role as a Mother.  Chico Stylist question to you is, “Should  Sharon Stone be a featured role model  to Fifty year old women?”

What is my take on More Magazine’s cover and Sharon Stone?  “Hand me some clothes and a good homemade macaroni meal for this air brushed 52-year-old Mother, Sharon Stone.  And by the way Sharon….rock, paper, scissors is a not a new game.”

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