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Why Not Have A Summer Time Affair With Strawberries Jubilee?

June 9, 2010

One of my summer time favorite things is  Strawberries Jubliee.   A simple dessert, made with home-made vanilla ice cream, topped with fresh strawberries.  Not only is it surprisingly delicious, it’s a simple favorite to serve your guests on June’s warm summer nights.   Forever the Stylist, some of you may remember Chico Stylist passing on this fun styling tip last month.  If you think of your favorite things when shopping,  it will help you discover the clothes you will love.   Off I go to Chico’s where I spot the new arrival of the Sequined Surprise Rumor Tunic.  The color Summerberry  immediately grabs me as a favorite, it’s made of 100% cotton, and like the seeds on Strawberries it has  a seedling of glamour metallic sequins and shiny bugle beads.  The embroidery at the neckline, is like the Vanilla ice cream around the Summer berries.   Much like my favorite Summer time dessert, Strawberries Jubilee I  could not resist,  this Summerberry Tunic .  With a glee in my eye, I said I’ll take this lovely Sequined Surprise Rumour Top.   Yes,  ladies “I walked out of Chico’s, with my shopping bag and new favorite thing a Summerberry colored Tunic.”   You might say Chico Stylist, is Strawberry Jubileed!

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