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Youth Is Wasted On The Young

July 13, 2010

Chico Stylist is enjoying  her life in France!   Oh how the french know how to enjoy life.  Their love of food, is a daily trip to the market for fresh pastries, bread, wine, and food.  Waking up in France, one gets excited about breakfast with so many delicious pastries abound.  Chico Stylist love’s sitting with her  latte in the charming french cafe bistro chairs and  people watching.   The French also believe one should own a Pied-à-terre in the city for work and live life in the country.  Chico stylist could not agree more!  My new washed silk shirt dress has caused a fashion sensation.  With the haute couture show just leaving Paris my brown silk dress is this season’s trend and I have had many a French men say, “Madame oh la la!”  Forever the stylist I  mixed the dress with this season trend, metal accessories.  Why even Coco Chanel would be proud of how, chic Chico Stylist is styled.  Today I am heading to the Lourve with my young friend.  Taking in art, fashion, and history. Beautiful people are everywhere in the city of love! Chico Stylist is one of them dressed with in Chico’s, the American fashion house’s fall, shirt dress.  As the French Proverb goes:

Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait.
Youth is wasted on the young.
“If youth knew, if old age could.”

Photo Credit:  Paris Breakfast, Chico’s, Southern Living
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