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One Heck Of A Week

July 27, 2010
Bad GirlFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Bad Girl by chicostylist on

Chico Stylist had a Mad, party Sunday. It was cocktails, curvey women, men in suits, and just MadMen fabulous. Now Chico Stylist is packing for New York City and  Blogher10.  Chico Stylist can’t help but to be disappointed that Chico’s FAS, is missing the prize of sponsorship for this event.  With thousands of bloggers at Blogher,  being fashionable dressed in Chico’s new fall arrivals would have reached and attracted the Most Influential, Social and Info-Savvy Women Online.  (Reaching more than 20 million unique women each month).

After all, my tag will say Chico Stylist.   Being in the Blogher Network is a prize in itself, you are chosen on your editorial content,  MadMen of Fort Myers and New York.  Yes, it’s going to be one heck of a week!   Today my Wall Street Journal, has sent me to cocktails, when I saw today’s news.  Jeez, I even twittered my desires but no one is home.  So, I’m having a cocktail pajama party and my suit case is waiting to be packed.  Yes, I  think you will be surprise to learn what Chico Stylist will be wearing at Blogher10. And I’m taking my camera to  twitpics and celebrate Chico Stylist one year Blog Anniversary/Birthday!   Oh yes, I’m savvy,  a bon vivant,  I’m over 40, and worldly.   Hello, New York City! (In my best Samantha Sex In The City voice)

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