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Saying Thank You Never Goes Out Of Style

August 30, 2010

I’ve always been a glamorous kind of gal.  I have married often and always rich. I love to shop and was been born with great taste.   They say I have: Elle a du flair.  Yes, I  am now over forty, (and a real cougar after plenty of older ex’s) and fabulous!  A year ago, I saw an opportunity to blog for women over forty who LOVE  Chico’s .

ChicoStylist doesn’t fail at much, but she failed miserably at this blog.   Not only did I never ever get one tweet, comment or anything from the 5 C’s at Chico’s .  I never even got a “hello” from anyone from Chico’s, including all their Social Media Interns.   Why, it kind of reminds me of  the Alicia Keys song No one .

Obviously, it’s no secrete what goes on in retail and branding.  Why who doesn’t read Womens Wear Daily?   So when ChicoStylist  flew to New York City for the  Blogher10… no sponsor could believe her story of “No Chico’s doesn’t even know I Blog.”  While at  Blogher, ChicoStylist attended conferences of a top Ad firm who recognize the ChicoStylist blog as a great niche  Fashion House Blog in front of the whole conference crowd.  Yes, a certain gentlemen noticed I had that j’ne sais quoi!  That was the golden Emmy moment for  ChicoStylist, who stood and smiled while she took credit where credit was due.  He saw it: “It is the only blog in fashion that focuses on women over forty.”

Thousands of dollars spent later, and cross country flights.  ChicoStylist loves Chico’s but like a lover who doesn’t love back.   The time has come.

So I bid Chico’s Chico FAS so long:

I’m on to a new Fashion House Blog.

Where saying “Thank you never goes out of Style.”

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